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It's your BIG DAY!!!

Looking forward to seeing you, and all                other ladies at               AM, on                                  ,


located at                                                                               .

Contact # in case of an emergency.                                

Please have designated styling area; natural light for makeup application if possible; mirror, chair, and plug/extension cord for styling tools.

Hunny DO list for HAIR:

 - please have hair washed a minimum of 24/48hrs prior to the big day (minimal conditioner at roots) and blow dried straight to the best of    your ability. 

 - please noooooo flat iron.

 - please have all extensions washed, brushed and blow dried ready for use.

 - please have hair washed, wet and ready to dry for ladies wanting blowouts.



$85  - up-do/half up

$70  - curls (not including a smoothing blow-dry prior to curls, will be charged as up-do)

$60  - blow-out

        - 13% HST included in above listed pricing

Hunny DO list for FACE:

 - please have face washed, (toner/serum/moisturizer) prepped and ready for application.

 - please make sure teeth are brushed (so as not to affect/remove makeup application)

 - please make sure contacts are in.

 - please absolutely no facial waxing 5-7 days prior to the BIG DAY (the makeup will not prime & set when freshly waxed)

 - please gently exfoliate your face the night prior and scrub lips with sugar (dead skin and dry patches gotta goooo)

 - please avoid getting sun burns and/or tan lines that cause colour demarcation and sensitivity.

 - please be hydrated, drink girl drink...water that is. Dehydrated skin appears as textured when makeup is applied.


$65  - makeup application

$10  - strip lashes

$  5  - lash application if you bring your own

        - 13% HST included in above listed pricing


Touch Up Kit

 Ladies, its a long day. Super duper recommend getting blotting papers (clean & clear has some good ones) in case you break a wild sweat. Translucent/tinted powder to touch up or dust on any areas that may have gotten rubbed or removed.  

Lipstick/lipgloss to reapply throughout the day. Don't forget water, water, water its helps you glow from the inside out.

Straws also help when drinking, it limits the amount of spills on your face and limits lipstick/makeup transfer.  

You're famous !!!!! and everyone will be takin' pictures from the crack of dawn to dusk, make sure your "kits" got ya covered.

$300 non refundable/non transferable Deposit  PAID  /  UNPAID

Confirmed total services             Updo/Half updo  -           x $85 =                         Makeup Application -          x $65 =         

                                                               Curls ONLY  -           x $70 =                             strip lashes by me -          x $10 =         


                                                                    Blow-dry -            x $60 =                      (BYO) lash application -          x $5  =         

Travel Fee  INCLUDED  /  EXTRA             total km -              - 80km included =             


                                                        total travel time -              -1.5hrs included =             

                                                                         .45c x -             km =                                    travel time x $20 / hr =                      

Remaining Balance OWING                                       (7-14 prior to the BIG DAY)            Due Date  -                                         

And so the adventure begins

Signed :                                                                                 

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